Table 1.

Benefits of increased dietary potassium intake

BP-lowering effect
 Magnified under conditions of high sodium intake and in black subjects
  Natriuretic effect
  Adrenergic outflow decreased
  Vascular tone favorably affected
Beneficial effect in reducing stroke
 Decrease in BP
 Effects independent of BP lowering
Bone homeostasis benefited
 Foods enriched in potassium provide a base load
 High potassium may have a direct effect on bone metabolism that is favorable
Kidney stone risk is decreased
 Base load afforded by potassium-enriched foods
 Decreased urinary calcium excretion due to direct effects on transport in distal nephron
Decreased progression of CKD
 Bioavailability of phosphate is decreased with plant protein compared with animal protein
 Base load ameliorates metabolic acidosis