Table 7.

Study B: estimated mean values from mixed models of area under the curve of laboratory parameters and P values of specified comparisons, including period, treatment, and interaction term between period and treatment

P Value
OverallaMembrane Type (in HDF)Fiber Diameter/ Membrane TypeSterilization/ Production Technology
Dialyzer/ ModalityFX 100 HDFFX CorDiax 100 HDFFX CorDiax 1000 HDFXevonta hi23 HDFFX 100 versus FX CorDiax 100FX 100 versus FX CorDiax 1000FX 100 versus Xevonta hi23
C3a, µg×min/L25,39223,27922,50323,8460.
C5a, µg×min/L34.6029.5727.1128.58<0.0010.009<0.0010.001
sC5b-9, µg×min/L77,05776,91971,19780,7530.0030.960.020.14
Leukocytes, 103×min/µl12851267125712520.800.610.420.37
Elastase, µg×min/L98169539945898800.920.700.620.93
Thrombocytes, 103×min/µl43,62643,63042,41344,0350.701.000.410.79
Kallikrein, IU×min/ml46784195427039610.
  • For Elastase, C3a, C5a, and Kallikrein, geometric means are estimated. HDF, hemodiafiltration.

  • a The overall P value displays the P value for analyzing differences between all four groups.